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WhatsApp groups are created to connect the divine family members who live in loukik (family life or gruhasth), who live far away (physically) or they cannot visit the centre for a reason. For them, we send daily Gyan Murli, Purusharth, Slogans, thoughts, audio, videos and other useful links via our 12 Whatsapp groups.

Below are some of our WhatsApp groups you can join with given direct links. Also are individual whatsapp numbers of group admins who are RajYogi BKs who can guide you ahead in this spiritual life. Groups are operated from India and the UK. Brahma Kumari and Brahma Kumar can join 1 group to receive daily sustenance. Welcome :)

To join our main (active) group (Daily Gyan Murli), fill this form.

BK WhatsApp groups & contacts

Join Group 'Peace of Mind TV'

Join Group 'Brahman Family'

Join group 'Brahma Kumaris'

Join group 'Brahman family 2'

Join group 'RajYoga meditation course in English'


Join group 'RajYoga online course in Hindi'

Message on any of these numbers to join our WhatsApp group:

(+91) 882 798 6696 (Power of Sakash Group)

(+91) 941 415 3999 (BK Karuna, PMTV, madhuban)

(+91) 941 415 0740 (Madhuban)

(+91) 758 823 7451 (BK Shubham)

To join ANY new (current) group or to ask any question, message here. 

'Do not call on any number!'

Group Admins:

(+60) 163 628 566 (BK Pari)


(+91) 7047 248 714 (BK Meenakshi)


(+91) 9630 418 891 (BK Hritika)


(+44) 7459 508 656 (admin)


(+91) 9891 994 216 (BK Mamta)

Message: Just 'message' on any 1 number to join group. DO NOT CALL.

You can ask for today's Gyan Murli, a class, Sakar or Avyakt murli or Purusharth points, useful articles and videos, etc.

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Baba welcomes all children.

''I have come to create a new world, to liberate you from maya and sorrow. My beloved child, now you walk on the path I show and it is God's promise that you will receive the great fortune of that heaven which is being created.''


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