About: Shiv Baba Service

As a reminder of who you are...

'Shiv Baba Service' is a godly initiative by Godfather (Shiv baba) for advanced services, which began and is current since 2016.


'Shiv Baba Service team' is a divine team of many souls who are Yogyukt and are devoted in the selfless world service.


On godly permission, this team has done a great and yet incognito service. Shiv baba is the creator (incorporeal creator) of this team of three Pandavas and one Shakti. This and such other special souls will become an instrument for higher services in future. These three are an example of Baba's shrimat - ''To live in loukik (household) and do the Purusharth of Yaad and service.''


Such souls will become a practical example for many. The role of advance party is also such. The coming time will definitely be of those special souls.


Below is in brief biography or info of the four foundation members of this team.

1. BK Madhuri


Info -> Brahma Kumari Madhuri lives in Sweden and is in gyaan since few years. They work as a teacher in loukik life and as an angel in aloukik life of godly service. Baba has places them to a land where there is a strong need of spirituality. In near future, such souls will play a significant role.


Specialities are:


1. Very responsible and Yogyukt

2. Nimmit, egoless, obedient

3. Sweet royal and loyal to baba's shrimat


Gyan related likes:

1. Deriving points from Murli

2. Giving answers to gyan related questions

3. Murli and blog related services

Responsibilities are:


1. To manage the main Articles blog: bkarticles.blog

2. Regularly post useful Question Answers on the blog

3. Managing the new Video gallery website. Visit: Brahma Kumaris Videos

4. Responding to some emails on behalf of Baba.


2. BK Anil


Info -> Brahma Kumar Anil lives in Bombay (India) and is in Gyan since 21 years (in 2018). After baba's inspirations since 2014, he has written many articles which are simply life transforming. He currently does both loukik and aloukik jobs.

More about them


Specialities are:


1. Yogyukt, Soul conscious

2. Serviceable and responsible

3. Nimmit, egoless


BK Anil likes:


1. Churning gyan murli

2. Writing points from murli (articles)

3. Doing centre related services

4. Meeting and greeting other BK Souls




1. Writing literature and inspiring articles

2. Sometimes posting gyan related audio recorded videos on his YouTube channel.

2. Nearby centre services

3. Answering questions from new BKs


3. BK Abhishek Singh


Info -> BrahmaKumar Abhishek is from Uttar Pradesh (India). He is in gyaan since 2 years and since then he is deeply in the field of online murli services. Firstly he began by posting audio and text of daily murli on the website bkmurlitoday.com and now it has grown to an app which thousands of BK students uses today. Abhishek is also doing both loukik and aloukik job.


Specialities are:


1. Serviceable, trustworthy and responsible

2. Nimmit, egoless, obedient

3. Sweet and  helpful

4. Simple and royal


BK Abhishek likes:


1. Doing murli related services

2. Spreading the godly message in many ways

3. Connecting Brahman souls with each other




1. Posting text and audio murli everyday

2. Managing two WhatsApp groups

3. Occasional services


4. Anand Samrat (the corporeal creator)


Info -> Most information is gupt (incognito) and this one is the corporeal creator/director of this trinity (Shiv baba service team) for advanced services. However, the only known fact is that they came in Gyan around the end of 2015.


Specialities are:


1. Yogyukt (includes everything)

2. God's righteous hand

3. Deep Knowledge and wisdom

Likes are:


1. Churning the Murli

2. To Study Knowledge

3. Ekaant (solitude)

4. KarmaYog

4. Godly Service




1. Responding to email letters on behalf of Shiv baba (see on Forum)

2. Audio services on SoundCloud channel

3. Four Websites are made and one is regularly sustained

4. Three apps are made and one is regularly sustained

4. Guiding other three members of the team.

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