Baba's Gyan and Influence of Maya

Many souls who come in Gyan for first time experience a divine high stage of Yog with Shiv baba and they find that they have come very close to the supreme father. But time progresses, they feel that they are not able to follow the Shrimat fully and thus their stage of Yog has degraded. There can be many reasons for this. Baba has answered on this in both Sakar and Avyakt murlis. Read to know how to bring back that stage which you had when you first came in contact with Shiv baba and this Gyan.

Original Email we received

I m a regular student in gyan. In the beginning my state was high.i experienced gods power, love, peace, prosperity. But after 4 years because of my negative sanskar of previous birth, my state fell down. Now I listen only gyan in words but cannot experience supersensous joy from Shiv baba (god) during RajYoga meditation. What should I do?

Our Answer (Response)

Dear Divine Sister

Baba has already explained this in both Sakar and Avyakt Murlis, especially in Avyakt. Murlis that we study daily are directions for us on what to think, speak and do. So even if you only folow the Shrimat of today's murli - this is enough to experience constant god's love and bliss. Since as you follow the right path, you will get in direct connection with god.

Here is a personal advice:

1. Most important dharna for us Brahman (BK) souls is 'purity' or 'celibacy'. You must follow this first shrimat to be in a constant sustenance of Shiv baba (god). Purity is the base for all virtues and spirituality. It is must. Read our article on celibacy to know more.

2. Make a Notebook

Listen daily gyan murli and note down important Gyan and Dharna points in a notebook so you can always revise. This then you also read before sleep. Practice 5 Swaroop in early morning and before sleep.

3. Before and while listening Murli, sit in soul conscious stage. See yourself in the centre of forehead. Then bring in consciousness that Shiv baba has come down in the body of Prajapita Brahma and now speaking this Murli to me.

4. Practice Swamaan ->

5. Understand that at first, when we are born (spiritual birth), Baba's powers are given to us as a blessing. So we feel very high - love, peace, powers. Then as time passes, we are grown up and we have to get on our own legs. Shrimat is given. Those who walk according to the Shrimat, will constantly feel the higher Yogyukt stage. 

6. Listen or Read Avyakt Murlis. Avyakt vani (murli) is full of inspirations for Purusharth. Listen ->

7. Amritvela -> It is Shiv baba's shrimat to get up at amritvela for Yog. This is the time for ''milan''. World is sleeping - souls and atmosphere is silent. We are also at our highest spiritual stage at this time (around 4 am)

8. Do some service.

Baba gives emphasis on doing service. ''As you are getting from me, you have to give to your brothers.'' - Shiv baba's Sakar murli version. You can do 'mansa sewa'. You can do service from home via our online platform - Shiv Baba Service Initiative

You have to follow the 8 points and see how it boosts your Purusharth.


On Godly Service


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